Sunday, February 17, 2013

2012 Performances Of The Year

So, the Buzzard will finish up the 2012 rankings with his picks for the Performances Of The Year.

Starting with the Women's about Dani Shahan's 45:01 @ Bloomsday.  This run placed her in the top 25 overall (21st place) in a race where the top results are dominated by Ethiopians, Kenyans, Russians, Ukrainians and Polish.  That's right at 6:00 pace for a 42-year old; and, took the measure of Trisha Miller, Makena Morley and Nicole Hunt. 

Master's Men - Ray Hunt's sub-1:00 run at Wulfman.  This effort placed him 5th overall in a deep, competitive field ad was the #2 ever master's time (and #2 age-graded time) on the Homestake to Pipestone route.

Open Women - Trisha Miller's 2:51:00 @ the California International Marathon.  Yes, she ran faster at both Missoula and at PF Chang's.  And, Sarah Graves ran a bit faster at the Olympic Trials.  But, Trisha's CIM performance came in a torrential downpour; with a strong, blustery winds; and, areas of the course that were covered in water.

Open Men - Mike Wolfe's course record 3:00:24 @ The Bridger Ridge Run.  Scott Creel has been "the man" for years at the Ridge Run; and, he had one of the few sub-3:10 times on the course with his 3:06:30.  But, Wolfe smashed that time and came oh-so-close to the magic sub-3:00 barrier.  With this racing gaining more and more recognition; and, with guys like Wolfe, Foote and Kollar residing in the state, will a 2:50-something be the big story of 2013?

And, with that, the 2012 season is in the books and onward to 2013.

See you on the roads, tracks and trails

The Muddy Buzzard.

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