Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow Joke - 2013

Well, for the first time in 5 years, the men's champion is someone other than Jimmy Grant.  High School Senior Adam Peterman (Missoula Hellgate) took the overall crown in nifty 1:13:00.  That's right around 5:35 pace - pretty solid effort.  But, that shouldn't come as a big suprise.  Adam just signed a letter of intent to run for the University of Colorado next year (joining a long line of stellar buffalo runners).  Plus, he's shown his 1/2-Marathon prowess over the last couple of years at the Missoula Marathon.

But, this was a big drop in time for Adam; and, he took the scalps of no less than Chris Kollar (1:13:50) and 4 time defending champ Jimmy Grant (1:18:23).  The day appeared to be a bit chilly; but, I did see photos of Adam in just a long sleeve and shorts - no hat, gloves or tights - so, it must not have been too bad.  Did have reports that the back side of the course (on the gravel road around the lake) was pretty soft and footing was not really great.  So, that makes a 1:13:00 even more impressive.

On the masters side, Matt Seeley of Polson took the win in 1:22:04.  He was followed by Missoulians Tim Mosbacher in 1:25:03, John Fiore in 1:26:21 and Brian Fruit in 1:28:30.

The big name women stayed away this year (i.e. Trish Drobek, Kara DeWalt, Jessica Johnson, etc.); but, that opened up the field to some new blood at the front of the field.  Top spot went to Hanah Riedle in 1:32:17; and, she was followed in by Emily Kipp (1:32:42) and Ashley Schroeder (1:33:40). 

The top masters woman was Kristina Smith in 1:40:53.

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See you on the roads, tracks and trails.

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Pat C. said...

In the Youth Division, Aidan Reed, a Helena high school freshman, ripped 2 minutes off Adam Peterman's divisional course record, posting 1:21:11. I'd keep an eye on this kid.

Pat Caffrey