Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Stallion Masters

No, that's not the title of some wild porn movie starring Kenworthy and Jarmilla (except in CK's midnight dreams !!!!) Rather, it's in reference to the great performance of some of our very own old guys at the Big Sur Marathon Relay last weekend (4/27/08).

The Los Cincos Stalliones team of Bozeman was made up of Montana master athletes Craig Kenworthy, Mark Slater, Dan Guggenheim, Harry Johnson and John Zombro. Running in warm and breezy conditions on what is considered on of the more challenging road marathons in the US, they turned in a stellar time of 2:43:57.

This placed them 4th overall. Unfortunately, the masters division was super loaded this year and they ended up as 3rd masters team. As a result, they got a podium finish and brought home some hardware.

Congrats to the 5 wild stallions of Montana.


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