Sunday, August 09, 2009

Kenworthy Does Ashland

Craig Kenworthy was doing a west coast trip a few weeks ago and figured out how to squeeze in a race. But, not just any about 5,600 feet of climb over 13.3 miles. Second only to Pikes Peak in vertical gain, the Mount Ashland Hill climb is in it's 32nd year of quad-busting, lung-searing, gut-puking fun.

With this area becoming a current hotbed of trail running activitiy, it's also a race that attracts some of the best of the US dirt and mud crowd - people like Erick Skaggs, Hal Koerner, Ian Torrence and Jenn Shelton. And, our very own Mr. Kenworthy.

Craig did the Big Sky proud with his 10th place overall (3rd place master) finish in 2:11:23.

See a good story in the local "rag" at

You can also see full results at

I don't know. Makes a guy a bit nervous when someone from Bozeman is working so hard on big hill climbs like this. And, Bozeman is hosting the MT Cup. Does Craig know something that we don't about what the race course will be like this year? Ominous indeed!!!!

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Craig K said...

Yep, the Cup will be straight up Mt Blackmore. But it's the 5 hike to the start line that kills you.