Friday, March 16, 2012

Buzzard Update

So, in mid-Feburary I was cleared to run again - but, with the admonition to "be careful and don't push it".  Well, I've really taken that to heart.

I started out with 5:00 of easy running (10:00 pace) every 3rd day.  And, have been gradually building up from there.  This week, I'll run 4 days - 3 miles at a pop (for a whopping weekly total of 12 miles!!!!).  I've been getting the pace down to sub-7:30; and, things seem to be feeling okay with the foot.  [And, all of the time on the stationary bike and elliptical seem to be paying off.  My cardiovascular seems to be holding up pretty well to the pace and effort.]  I've really been trying to be smart (all of my miles have been on the soft, forgiving surface of the treadmill so far); and, I'm hopeful that this has all paid off.

Next week I'll try running at least 5 days (if not all 7) (all still on the treadmill).  And, the goal is to be able to run with my track kids by the week after (not on track or hard days; but, at least on easy days and for warm ups and cool downs). 

As I transition back into regular running, my good friend Anders Brooker sent me a FloTrack video that took me right back to the scene of the crime.............................

My foot had been hurting off and on over the last couple of weeks of cross country season. But, I kept on pushing through in order to help one of my boys get ready for some post season racing.  It had a been a bit tender before heading to Boise of the Nike Cross Regionals in mid November; but, felt okay on the course preview on Friday.

So, Saturday morning - bright an early, I headed out on a run in the Boise Foothills with Mike Foote, Anders Brooker and Julie Gilchrist.  We were on some great trails, the sun was just coming up, the view of the City was fantastic, the company was great and the foot felt okay as we made some uphill climbs.  Then, it was time for the downhill.  Since I was feeling good, I decided to open up a bit and cruise down the trails.  Big mistake.  About halfway down things got real sore and I was limping pretty badly by the time we hit the finish.  And, that was my last run until mid-February.

In any event, here is a FloTrack video of a group of runners out for a run on the very trail that we were on.  Enjoy the video; and, if and when you are in Boise - trust me - this is a don't miss run.  The foothill trails are impressive -especially considering that they literally take off right from the edge of town.

See you on the roads, tracks and trails

The Muddy Buzzard

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