Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bionic Run #1

Had my one week post surgery checkup on my ICD (implanted defibrillator) today.  All looked good.  Incision looked good and post surgery dressing removed - glad to have it off - means I get to take more than a sponge bath for the first time in a week.

Also cleared back to full exercise.  Took two days compeletley off, then had been walking 30 to 45 minutes the last several days.  At least had the body moving; but, you know - it just ain't the same as a nice easy run.

So, got out for an easy 4 on the Kim Williams trail in Missoula.  I have to admit - I was a bit freaked out/anxious about the first run with this device.  Would it misread my running effort as an "event" and shock me?  Was the device going to feel like it was bouncing around and hurt like hell?  Would I pull a lead loose and cause all kinds of mayhem?

The easy answers were no, no and no.  Yeah, the device (which sits under the skin just below my left collar bone) feels a bit odd.  Hell, it is a foreign device in my body.  Maybe a bit uncomfortable; but, not painful.  And, I'm sure that I'll get used to it in no time.

All in all a pretty uneventful run.  About the only thing of note is that there seems to be some interference between the ICD and my Garmin heart rate monitor.  My HR readings seemed way out of whack for the effort.  But, that's a pretty minor detail.

In the end, it felt good to be out on the roads & trails again. 

The Muddy (and somewhat bionic) Buzzard


brunothemag said...

Hey Tony,

Brian from Whitby (outside of Toronto), Ontario.

I'm also a runner who happens to have an ICD, however my circumstances were different than yours.

I was out for an easy 10k in early November when I collapsed and went into sudden cardiac arrest. Fortunately, 3 of the first 4 people who came to my assistance had medical experience. EMS arrived 5 minutes later and 4 shocks later I was revived. ICD was implanted 4 days later.

I'm running and cycling again, but at a much lower intensity.

Being lean like yourself, I have the nice bump on my left side as well, but hey at least we're alive!

Take care and all the best,

Tony B said...

Thanks Brian. So far, I haven't pushed really hard in training. But, have been up to 35 miles for the last couple of weeks and have hit a few sub-7:00 miles. In the next two weeks expect to actually work the effort a bit and see how things go.