Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Buzzard Turns Gadfly

Had the pleasure last night of being able to attend the wedding of Meg Lerch and Anders Brooker in Missoula.  It was a wonderful ceremony and a fun, fun night.  Seems fitting that the wedding would be held on the opening night of Olympic track & field events.

As would be expected, the event included a who's who of the western MT running world.  From the trail and ultra world we had Mike Foote, Keifer Hahn, Tyson Warner and Kevin Twidwell.  There were a number of Meg's Mountain West teammates such as Courtney Babcock, Mary Thane and Jennifer Burke.  A whole slew of Anders' Hellgate track & XC kids like Paige Gilchrist, Adam Petermen, Chris Herrick, Taz Scariano and Chris Everett.  State Class B mile champ Carter Montgomery.  Master's studs Kevin Plumage, John Herring, Brian Fruit and Dean Lipp.  Super running couples Andy and Trish (Miller) Drobek and Andy and Darr Tucknott.  Former Big Sky track & XC champ and current Bozeman Running Company owner Casey Jermyn.  Run Wild Missoula exec. director Eva Dunn-Froebig.  Ageless wonder Bob Hayes.   (With many more Missoula area runners present as well.)

RWM club member JB Yonce hosted the event at his home up Rattlesnake Creek.

There was beer aplenty, fine wines, Big Dipper Ice Cream, S'mores and sweets as far as the eye could see.

It was just a great night.  And, it was all to celebrate two people who give significantly of themselves to better the Montana running community.

From the Buzzard to the Brooker-Lerch's.............................Best Wishes to a long and happy marriage with many miles under your feet, lots of laughs and plenty of love.

See you on the roads, tracks and trails

The Muddy Buzzard

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