Friday, April 19, 2013

Standing As One

It's been a while since I last posted.  But, with the events of the last week, it seemed like the perfect time to add some fresh content.

Monday's bombing at the finish line of Boston was a senseless act carried out by weak-minded cowards.  As I write this, one of the two main suspects is now dead; and, his brother is being hunted down like the animal that he is.  But, I don't want to spend much time focusing on the negative.  We'll never be able to fully understand the reason behind why people carry out such despicable acts - so, why put out too much effort or energy on that aspect of this tragedy.

And, before going any further, I have to take the time to offer my condolences and thoughts towards all the finish line victims.  I'm sorry for your injuries and anguish.  I wish you the best as you recover and move forward with you lives.  To the families of those that perished..................words, cannot describe the sorrow that the running community shares with you.

And, that word "community" is what I want to focus on here.  I've been around this sport for 34+ years.  It started as a high-schooler in the late 70's; through college in the 80's; young adulthood in the 90's; into the masters category in the 2000's; and, onto today.  Some of my fondest memories are of runs, races and running related events.  Most of my closest friends are people that I became connected with through running.  Friends from all corners of Montana.  Friends in California, Arizona, Washington, Ohio and beyond. 

And, that all adds up to my very own little running "community".  And, when you combine all those individual groups that we have - that's what adds up to one, big, happy, close-knit Running Community.  And, that's why the Boston bombing hits us so hard.  Somebody came into our backyard during one of our community's biggest celebration and turned it ugly.  They hurt our friends.  They hurt our families.  They hurt our running partners.  In short - they hurt our community.  Key word - Hurt.  They knocked us down; but, not out.

A theme has emerged from this unfortunate event - Standing As One.  Runner's throughout the world are uniting to show that we're not going to hide in fear or let our sport be driven backwards.  The London Marathon will take place - as scheduled - this coming Sunday.  And, running specialty stores around the US are hosting special events to begin the emotional recovery of our community and to show our support for the Boston victims.  To that end, many of these events will be allocating their revenues to a variety of recovery funds, including One Fund Boston (  I encourage you to take part in one of these events if you are able.

For those who are not able to attend a formal event, I encourage you to make sure that you run this coming Monday.  And, on that run - take the time to remember those that died and those that were injured in the finish line bombing.  And - be sure to take the time to recognize and celebrate the fact that you are part of a strong and wonderful community.  Celebrate that you are part of an amazing group of like-minded, healthy, active individuals.  Don't be shy about letting friends, family and co-workers know that you're heading out to run in recognition of the bombing victims.  And, to let them know that you're also celebrating your part of the Running Community.  If you're able, run with some of the members of your own "community".  By doing so, we can - in fact - Stand As One.

To My Muddy Buzzard Community - See you on the roads, tracks and trails

The Muddy Buzzard

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