Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's A Cold One, Mr. Grinch

Looks like Grinch is going to make his prescence known at the USATF meet in Spokane this weekend. Based on the weather forecast - snow and cold may be coming to town. I guess as a silver lining, the weather should be setting the way for Santa to make his visit in a couple of weeks :-)

Sort of reminds me of the last time that XC nationals were in the region. In 1993 the meet was held in Missoula. In the days leading up to the meet, snow and cold moved in and left a couple of inches of snow on the course and a temp of low teens at the start of the meet.

Should make for a bit of a challenge. We're hoping that the warm weather states are a bit caught off guard and it helps give us a competitive advantage.

The first of us will be starting the trek westward tomorrow (Thursday). Alan King and I will be leaving Billing after work tomorrow afternoon. (I'm just happen to be in Billings on Business this week.) Several of us will be in Spokane Friday afternoon to preview the course and take in some of the technical meetings.

The Buzzard will do his best to keep you all up to date on how the meet shapes up.


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