Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Buzzard Took A Nap

Been away for a bit from posting.  First off, we got back from Bloomsday on Sunday evening.  I took off the next morning for a 4 day trip to Billings for work.  Got home late Thursday and spent Friday getting caught up at home and work.  Then off to Kalispell all day Saturday for the Archie Roe track meet.

On top of everthing else, we have been remodeling our living room.  When we bough the house, the living room walls and celing were "finished" in ugly, dark brown paneling.  '70's basement rec room flashbacks every day.  It was dark and really detracted from the rest of the house.

So, we finally undertook getting it upgraded.  We had someone come in to do sheetrock on the walls; and, hired someone to do tongue and groove pine on the ceiling and pine board trim around the doors and windows.  In order to stay ahead of the contractors, I was using all of my free time to stain boards, trim out electrical devices and do general clean-up and dust control.

We're getting close to being done; but, still have to stain and install boards for wall base and trim around a closet and some upper windows.  And, need to put up a "built in" book case that goes from floor to the 12' ceiling.  It's been a lot of work and has really killed my "free time"; but, man, it really looks great.  Will post some before and after photos when we get it all done.

But, now I'm back and ready for some posting on the last couple of weekends.

The Muddy Buzzard

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