Thursday, April 29, 2010

We'll See Some Things Bloomin' This Weekend

Bloomsday coming up this weekend.  Not sure who all from Montana will be present; but, you can be sure that there will be some good representation from Big Sky Country.

The Buzzard was hoping to have a good first weekend in May.  But, not so sure that I'll be pulling it off.

Had a good early spring of training.  But, by about mid March was starting to feel flat.  And, it hasn't gotten any better.  Almost feels like a bit of overtraining.  Flat, some lingering fatigue, no snap.  Didn't really thingk that I was doing that much in the way of mileage or quality.  But, apparently, it was enough to allow me to cross onto the bad side of that proverbial line.

But, we'll give it a go anyway.  Hey, us runners are always like the Bon Jovi song - "Livin' on a prayer".  Who knows - life can be funny.  Even when you think that you're about to run like the big ole doggy doo, you pull off the flyer (and vice versa).  So, we'll go, run hard, have fun and enjoy the spectacle of Bloomsday.

For those of you who are also heading to Spokane - best of luck.

See you on the roads, tracks and trails.

The Muddy Buzzard

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