Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Buzzard Catches Up

Catching up on a few race updates.

Great performance by Kyle Strode last month in S.F. at the Across The Bay 12K.  Finishing 47th overall, 4th in the 45-49 and 4th overall master - he sped to a 41:57 finish.  At 12K, that's a 5:37 pace (that's 3:28 per K for Ray and his ilk :-) )

At the March Meltdown 10K in Polson on 3/13 - Matt Shyrock led the way in 32:56.  Triathlete Lindsey Corbin (who won this morning's Grizzly Triathlon) was 2nd overall and 1st female in 37:16.  She was followed by master's champ Ted Burnham in 38:06.

At the Buttercup Run 5K in Arlee on April 3rd - Forrest Lumpry won in 17:26.  Missoula's Jenny Newton matched Corbin's March Meltdown effort and pulled off a 2nd place overall finish with her 18:40.  Kevin Plumage was 3rd overall and 1st master with his 19:09. 

Master's Men ruled the day at the Big Butte Run.  The only sub-40 man to crack the top 6 was Dewey Peacock. Outside of that, old guys kicked a little runner booty.  Led by Mike Telling at 44:07, the top 6 were rounded out by Pat Judge (44:11), Dewey in 44:59, Ray Hunt in 45:58, Jeff Braun in 47:12 and Marvin Speece (first over 50) in 47:52.  On a blustery, chilly day - it was a back and forth race at the front with Dewey and Pat trading the lead for 8K to 9K.  But, Mike Telling got on his horse on the run into the finish, caught Pat on the last hill and pulled out the win (see a great write up at the Butte's Piss and Moan Runners web site). 

On the women's side, Nicole Hunt (with only a few weeks left until she hits the masters ranks) won handily with her 50:05 effort.  She was followed by Mara Fisher in 52:55, Michele Bazzanella in 53:20 and ultra great Nikki Kimball in 54:00.

Some great racing on both sides of the gender divide.

In the 5K, Suzie Kaluza won for the gazillionth time.  Crossing into the 50+ age group hasn't slowed her down.

See you on the roads, tracks and trails

The Muddy Buzzard.

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