Thursday, March 10, 2011

No Green On The Buzzard This Weekend

With all the St. Paddy's day run action this weekend; and, with the Butte Rat blood that runs through my veins, you'd think that I'd be all over the racing scene this weekend - wearin' some green; drinking some beer; spreadin' some blarney; etc.

But alas, The Muddy Buzzard won't even be in the Big Sky State this weekend.  Rather, I'll be in sunny Arizona attending the wedding of my first born.  Hard to believe that the precious bundle of joy that came into our lives on a wintry January day in 1987 is now starting his own family.

Nick has been in the Phonenix/Tempe/Mesa area for a bit over 5 years now.  It's been a great place for him to grow into a fine young man.  He's getting ready to graduate from Arizona State in a couple of months with a B.S. in anthropolgy; and, will start in a human genetics doctoral program at University of Chicago this fall.

But, before all that, he's got the big event coming up on Saturday.  Around 4 years ago he met a local girl by the name of Katie Hunt.  We met her at my nephew Chris's wedding in Santa Monica on 7/7/07 - and, we hit it off with her right away.  They had a few ups and downs along the way; but, about a year ago it clearly was getting serious. 

This summer, they came to visit us in Plains.  He took Katie up to a little spot on the mountain behind his grandparent's house where he and his cousins used to play when they were little kids.  Erin and Zoe had secretely set up a blanket, picnic basket and deocrations ------ and, he proposed in a spot that was near and dear to him.  What a great way to start their adventure together.

Here's a pic from the engagement album of the happy couple

We'll be in Mesa for a few days to help out ahead of the wedding; the big event on Saturday afternoon and evening, then back home on Sunday.  And, as much as like a good St. Paddy's Day race...................I can't think of a better way to spend this weekend.  Seeing my son take the next step in life with a wonderul young lady is a blessing indeed.  It's as much as a parent can ask for.

So, have fun for those of you hitting the races this weekend.  But, I find it hard to believe that any of you will be able to have a bigger smile or a fuller heart than mine.


The Muddy Buzzard (aka - Happy Dad)

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hayrunt said...

Another burst of blogging! Your key board must be smoking. Enjoy the warmth.