Friday, September 26, 2008

AK at the MM

It was the classic running sandbagger story. My training hasn't been going well lately and I've been running like crap. So were the paraphrased words of Alan King in the week leading up to the Montana Marathon 1/2 marathon event. Yet, in spite of the pre-race gloom and doom, AK went out and had an exceptional time trial last Sunday. And, I say time trial since he finished the race about 10 minutes (almost 2 miles) ahead of 2nd place. Running 5:22 pace, he hit the line at 1:10:22. Not a bad day for feeling like doggy doo.

To see full results of the Montana Marathon, check out Among others, finishers included ultra and trails studetee Nikki Kimball and Senator Max Baucus.

Next up for Alan will be the UM Cross Country Invitational as part of the Big Sky Distance Project.

The Muddy Buzzard

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