Friday, September 26, 2008

Small Victories

Okay, so sometimes all that you can do is take the small victories.

Since my patellar fracture, the road back has been long (or short if you want to talk about running miles) and slow (literally and figuratively). On top of that, I've been fighting a tight IT band the last week. So, to add salt to the wounds, I've had to back off my mileage even more. And, damn, when you are doing limited mileage as it is, backing off isn't where you really want to be.

But, in exchange for backing down the mileage a bit, I've tried to make the "quality" count. (Of course, quality is all relative right now !!!!) And, over the last two days, I've had a couple of small positives.

On Wednesday, I did my first run of averaging under 7:00 per mile - doing a 5K course in 20:30.

Today, I did a hard mile in the middle of my 3-mile run and was able to go sub-6:00 (5:55).

Neither are stunning achievements. But, given the fact that it's only been about 8 weeks since I was able to even start running again, I guess that's some decent progress. And, even a month ago, I was really struggling to be at 8:00 pace. So, I guess I'll take the good where I can find it, try to stay positive and keep moving forward.

I know that it's going to come back and that I'll be back to where I would like -------but, why does it have to take so damn long :-)

See you on the roads, tracks and trails

The Muddy Buzzard

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