Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MT Athlete Catch Up

Catching up on a few Montana and ex-Montana athletes.

Kelly Fulton ran the Dick Beardsley Half-Marathon at Grandma's last weekend. On a warm day (which seems to have become a bit of the norm in Duluth the last few years), Kelly ran 1:18:48 for 49th overall. Kelly's working this summer at an outdoor camp in Michigan running their canoe shop. Wife Liz is the camp cook.

Kalispell H.S. standout David Vidal has taken to coaching at his college alma mater Stanford. He had a solid career on The Farm; but, given the talent of some of his team mates, his performaces were often overhadowed by national champion types. None the less, he has stuck with the sport and is now being credited as the coaching guide behind some of Stanford's current starts such as Lauren Centrowitz and Chris Derrick.

For the old-timers, you may remember Grizzly great Dave Gordon. In the late '70's and very early '80's, he and Tom Raunig were perhaps the two best UM runners ever. Dave then went on to a 4th place finish at the 1984 Olympic Trials marathon as an Athletics West athlete. Due to a torn ACL, Dave has given up running as his primary sport and has turned to cycling (ala Renee' Coppock). See the attached link to a good story on Dave's current sport passion. http://www.theolympian.com/sports/highlight/story/887134.html

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