Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Race Summaries - Catching Up - Part 3

The Kickin Assphault Runs took place in Great Falls on the 27th. The results are not very detailed; but, here is what I could decipher.

In the 1/2 Marathon, Joe Thronburg took the overall win in 1:23:42. Alison Fitzsimmons took the women's crown in 1:34:19.

On the 10K side, Jacquie Maillet took the overall win in 46:15. Jacquie has been fighting some injury issues in the last 12 to 18 months; so, it's good to see her back on the roads. 2nd overall and 1st male was Mark Barry in 46:23.

The trail circuit continued with the Lolo Pass Mountain To Meadow event (also on the 27th). The 5K event was won by Chris Jessop in 17:34 for a 3:00 + win. The women's title went to Katie Knotek in 22:15.

The longer race (results list it as a 14-mile) saw two of the better men and women runners in the state. One week after a strong run at the Wulfman CDT 14K, Nicole Hunt took the win in 1:36:22 finishing 5:41 ahead of 2nd place. Jimmy Grant continues to prep for the Missoula Marathon with a 1:20:34 performance. Dominating much like Nicole on the women's side, Jimmy's win differential was 5:43.

I'll post the Beartooth Run winner's as soon as they post some information on their website.

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