Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nicole Hunt Wulfman Post Race

I had the chance to catch up with Nicole Hunt after her dominating win at the Wulfman CDT 14K Trail Race last weekend (6/20/09) in Butte.

Muddy Buzzard (MB): So, how did you feel about your performance?

Nicole (NH): I was really quite happy with the race. I had time trialed the course over the Memorial Day weekend (one of the advantages of the course being in your (almost) "backyard"). I ran 68:40 - so to run 4:30 faster in the race (finish time of 64:10) was a bit of a suprise. The performance really gives me a confidence boost as I get ready to compete for a spot on the US Mountain Running Team.

MB: Tell us some more about the Mountain Running Team.

NH: In 2006 I was 2nd overall and first American at the Mt. Washington race in New Hampshire. As a result of that performance I was selected for the US Team that competed in the Work Championhsips in Bursa, Turkey. In that race I was 9th overall and 1st American, Leading the US to the team championships. It was all such a great experience that I want to make another attempt at making the US team. The qualifying race will be July 26th in Colorado Springs.

MB: What were your primary goals for the race today?

NH: I wanted to run faster than the race's bonus time of 66:00 and to beat certain local male runners (she so politely refused to name the names of us unfortunate souls who were in her crosshairs :-) )

MB: Which was a bigger incentive for you - the sub-66:00 time or chasing the guys who started ahead of you? And, how many guys did you catch on the course?

NH: The bigger incentive was the time goal. But, I was motivated by running after the guys ahead of me on the trail. I think I got 6 to 8 men on the trail.

MB: What kind of advantage was it to be able to train on the trail prior to the event?

NH: The biggest advantage was knowing how long the initial climb should take. I knew that once I got to the top of the climb, I could then settle into my race and push for time.

MB: It's been about a year since Eon's birth. How close are you to your pre-maternity fitness?

NH: Well, I'm happy with my racing and I'm getting closer all the time; but, I still feel like I'm 15-20 seconds per mile slower than 2006. [MB editorial not - guys, when she really gets fit, you better watch out!!!!]

Thanks to Nicole for taking the time out to answer our questions today.

See you on the roads, tracks and trials -

The Muddy Buzzard

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