Sunday, December 11, 2011

Costa Rica Baby

The Buzzard took a nice little break to Costa Rica over the last week.  It was a big trip for the family.  In attendance were me and my wife, my brother and his family; and, my older sister and her family (including her 3 boys, 2 daughters in law, and 3 grand kids).  There were 17 total of us and it was largely a celebration of my parent's 60th wedding anniversary this summer.  It may be the last big trip we get to take with our parents; and, we enjoyed it thoroughly.

The week was dominated by lots of reading, relaxing and good eats.  But, we still had time to fit in a bit of fun.  Zip-Lining though the jungle canopy, snorkling at Isla Tortuga, swimming in the ocean, exploring the beach, and shopping in Montezuma.

Here was our beach outside of our rented house:

And, here is the beach area where I did my core work, strenght exercises and stretching every day.  Not a bad workout room!!!!

But, now the Buzzard is back to reality - sub-freezing temps, freezing fog and the dreaded four letter word - WORK :-(

It was a great break though and the first extended time off in a couple of years.  It was well worth the time with my family and the trip will be remembered for some time.

See you on the roads, tracks and trails.

The Muddy Buzzard


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