Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Limping Buzzard

Hasn't been the best month for the Buzzard. 

Early in the month - saw the cardiologist for a 6-month follow up visit.  Haven't seen any improvement in cardiac function.  And, they are once again talking about a defibrillator.  I'm working to get a 2nd opinion before making any decisions - but, it really wasn't the news that I was wanting to hear.

On the upside, the doc's didn't put any restrictions on my exercise or workout routines.

But, my own body is doing that to me.  By the end of XC season, was having some problems with pain on the outside of my rigth foot.  Was more or less holding it together through the end of the season - but, went on a trail run with Julie Gilchrist, Mike Foote and Anders Brooker the morning of the NXN regional meet in Boise and that seemed to put it over the edge.  In the last couple of weeks, it's gotten to the point of not allowing me to run.  So, have an appointment with the doc on Tuesday to see if there is any type of stress fracture.  Here's to hoping for the best.

And, here's to hoping that the holidy season and the first of the year see the Buzzard healthy and ready to be back out on the roads, tracks and trail.

The Muddy Buzzard

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Steve Gorman said...

This is good stuff Tony! Cindy was wondering if you still wear your shorts backwards for good luck like in your Palm Springs days?