Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And They're Off

Well, the racing scene is off and (literally) running. Last Friday night (2/15) was the 4th annual Montana Men's Master's Mile in Bozeman. The brainchild of John Zombro, this event is held at the MSU indoor track in the midst of one of the MSU home meets. It's a ball and a great opportunity for the over 35 crowd to see how fast the wheels still turn over.

Turns out that Peter Dan Sullivan can still motate. He ran away from the field posting a 14 second wind over Ray Hunt. Pretty spectacular race by PDS. Below are the results; and, in another post I'll include the summary write up my Mr. Z himself. His enthusiasm for this race and the sport in general is infectious. If his race report doesn't fire you up, you're toast.

Also, check out today's edition of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Tim Dumas writes a great piece about John and what an all around great guy he is. Tim has written some pretty cool pieces about his running experiences and it's always a pleasure to read one of his stories about the sport. And, speaking of Tim, congrats to him on 9th place finish and a 13 second PR. Way cool Tim!!!!!!

Coming up this weekend is the Snow Joke Half Marathon. With all the snow they've had in Seeley this year, the times may be a bit off. But, it's always a great event and a good opener to the road season.

And just around the corner is the St. Paddy's day races around the state and the opening of the racing season flood gates. I can't wait, how about you?!?!?!?!?

See you on the Roads, Trakcs and Trails


1. Sullivan, Peter Dan 4:41.29
2. Hunt, Ray 4:55.68
3. Bruner, Steve 4:57.50
4. Judge, Pat 4:58.59
5. Keller, Kirk 5:00.94
6. Zombro, John 5:02.54
7. Slater, Mark 5:05.81
8. Dumas, Tim 5:05.94
9. Lundgren, Randall 5:10.73
10. Nix, David 5:13.00
11. Campbell, Andy 5:07.01
12. Thomas, Jeff 5:29.99
13. Kenworthy, Craig 5:35.89

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