Monday, February 27, 2012

No Joke @ Snow Joke

The first two big events of 2012 are in the books (Montana Men's Master's Mile & Snow Joke 1/2-Marathon).  And, if those two races are any indication, we have a hot year of racing ahead of us in the Big Sky state.

The M4 gave us the first ever sub-4:30, the first ever 50+ at sub-5:00 (2 total in that race), and 12 total guys under 5:00 in the race.

The Snow Joke saw deep, competitive racing in both the men's open and master's races.  In the open race, Missoula's Jimmy Grant had his traditional successful opening race of the year as the 3-time defending champ made it 4-in-a-row.  But, it wasn't easy.  His 1:16:04 was just 15 seconds ahead of 2011 MT Cup champ Chris Collar of Missoula.  Then, just another six seconds back to Seth Swanson at 1:16:25.

After a bit of a gap, their was a chase to the finish to decide 4th versus 5th places as John Cuddy at 1:20:12 just held off the 1:20:22 of Jeremy Wolf.

The men's master's race wasn't much different.  Scott Gaiser of Kalispell defended his 2011 title with an 18 second victory over Scott Marron of Missoula (1:28:19 to 1:28:37).  Next in were Jim Murphy in 1:28:44 and Joel Sather (Noxon) of 1:29:01.  (That means the top four all within 42 seconds of each other).  The top 5 was rounded out by Ted Burnham in 1:30:59.

Trisha Miller, not long off her win at the PF Chang's Marathon in early January, won for the 3rd time in 4 years at 1:25:45.  The top 3 included Mailee Woyth at 1:32:07 and 1:32:35.

The women's master's title went to Renate Bush in 1:46:01.

Now, it's just a few weeks until the flurry of St. Patrick's day races kick off the full-fledged racing season.  Can't wait to see some folks kickin' assphalt this year.

See you on the roads, tracks and trails

The Muddy Buzzard

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fridgid Diggers and a Ridge Queen

Early season road race in Butte - the annual Frigid Digger races.

In the 3 mile-event, Josh Panasuk (a Bulldog senior) won the race in 17:25.  Breaking the 25-year old course record of Jeff Thomas.  Old man Ray Hunt was 2nd overall and 1st Master with his 17:46. 

50+ runner Suzie Kaluza keeps on going strong with an overall win in the short race.

Eric Blake of Helena scorched the field on a snowy and slippery course in 7-Mile race in 45:49.  But, behind Eric is where the really racing took place.

Just 24 seconds separated the top 3 women, with Nicole Hunt starting her return to form (post-pregnancy) with a win in 54:07.  Just 8 seconds back was trail ace Michelle Bazanella.  And, just another 18 seonds behind Bazz was Nikki Kimball (who used the race as a transition from ski season to run season).

Speaking of Nikki - she sure loves the Ridge above Bridger Bowl ski resort.  She's the defending women's champion and course record holder at the Brider Ridge Run.  But, the week before the Frigid Digger, she added a new title to her resume - that of Queen of the Ridge.  Held on the Ridge above the North Bowl at Bridger, the event sees who can do the most downhill ski laps in a 5-hour period.

This involves 400' of vertical climb to the top fo the Ridge, ski down (with appropriate safety gear of course), hop on a lift, get off, 400' of vertical climb and do it all over again. 

Nikki bested all comers with her 27 laps in the event. 

Sure, it's not a running event; but, for anyone who has ever hike to the Ridge and skied down knows that 27 laps is a tough, tough day.  Once again, Nikki Kimball shows that she's one of the baddest of Bad Asses in all of the Big Sky Country.

Coming up this week is the biggest of the early season races - the annual Snow Joke 1/2 Marathon in Seeley Lake.  Good luck to all those make a visit to the home of the Cheetah Herder.

See you on the roads, tracks and trails

The Muddy Buzzard

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good Day For A Dirty Bird

Saw the doc today.  Got the good news that my foot stress fracture has healed enough to allow me to return to running.

So, in short order, I was right onto the treadmill.  Now - it was only 5:00 at about 10:00 pace.  But, it was one of the most enjoyable half mile that I've done in a long time.  And, I can honestly say it was my best run this year (of course, I hadn't run since December 1st).

So, it wasn't much. But, there was no pain and I was acutally running.  Good times indeed.

Here's to hoping that it won't be too much longer until.................................................

See you on the roads, tracks and trails

The Muddy Buzzard

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Head To Head & Toe To Toe

As part of the post-race discussions about the Montana Men's Master's Mile (M4), Ray Hunt posed the invitation for all of the master's milers to enter the Wulfman CDT 14-K Trail Race in June.  I'm sure that Ray's intent is to not only promote the race (of which he is race director); but, to also promote head to head competition between the old farts.  And, I whole-heartedly concur with that concept.

In fact, I would like to take it even one step further.  As I've developed my Runner's Of The Year recognition over the last couple of years, one of the things that I've noticed is that there is some limited head to head racing over the year.  That makes it a bit of a challenge to really figure out the rankings.  The master's men are probably the most consistent in meeting en mass at events; but, after that, we don't see quite as many of the folks showing up to the same events.

Yes, I know that traveling to races can be a challenge.  As someone who lived in Billings for 16 years (and now 4+ years in NW Montana), I know all too well what it takes to attend the big events.  But, it can be done.  I think it was 2002 when I traveled from Billings to Missoula to run the Riverbank 10K (while my son ran the 5K).  We turned around shortly after the race and I did the Peaks To Prairie run leg (8.8 miles) the next day.  If you really want to race and race against the best, it means a bit of planning and scheduling.

Plus, when we have folks race head to head, it makes the sport more interesting.  Sure, it's great to get the win at the local 5K Fun Run.  And, those are generally great events to support with proceeds going to good causes.  And, those races can be great tune-up and sharpening events.  But, if you really want to test your mettle - show up at the big events where you know that you'll be challenged.

To that end - here's my idea of where to go to meet the best.  (Up front disclaimer - I may have missed an event or two - if so, let me know.  I've tried to list them chronologically; but, may be off a bit.  This is just an old, dirty bird's thoughts on how to encourage some great competition between the men and women of the Big Sky state.)

Snow Joke Half Marathon - Seeley Lake
AOH St. Patrick's Day 3-Mile or 6-Mile - Anaconda
Ice Breaker 5-Mile - Great Falls
Riverbank Run 10K (or Trifecta) - Missoula
Bloomsday 12K - Spokane
Montana Women's Run 2-Mile or 5-Mile - Billings
Don't Fence Me In Trail 12K or 30K - Helena
Governor's Cup 5K or 10K - Helena
Wulfman CDT 14-K Trail Race - Butte
Beartooth Run 8.2 Mile - Red Lodge
Missoula Marathon Full or Half Marathon - Missoula
Bozeman Classic 5K - Bozeman
Roots Festival 4-Mile - Missoula
Montana Marathon Full or Half Marathon - Billings
Missoula All Women's 5K (Diva Day) - Missoula
Montana Cup XC - Various
Veteran's Day 5-Mile - Butte

So, that's 18 events across all parts of the state.  It includes a wide variety of distances, XC to Trail to Mountain to Road, and spread from February to November.  Plenty of opportunities and options to hit multiple of these events through the year.

If you're really interested in competition and want to see how you stack up against your fellow athletes, I would encourage you to think about putting as many of these races on your schedule as you can.  Then, lace up your racing shoes, run like hell and let the best runner win.

See you on the roads, tracks and trails

The Muddy Buzzard

Undercover Action Continues

Given the lack of real activity on the open circuit to this point (although Snow Joke is next weekend), the hottest action has been undercover on the indoor track.  This past weekend was no exception.

Lyle Weese continues his hot running with a win at the Bobcat Open (at MSU) on Friday night.  He ran a 4:12.11 for the win.  That gives him 3 indoor miles this year under 4:15. 

Equally impressive may have been Cesar Mireles of Rocky Mountain College.  Taking his racing to the next level, Cesar was just behind Lyle - his 2nd place finish time was 4:14.31.  Pretty solid time for an NAIA athlete at altitude.

While I don't spend a lot of time on the prep scene, it's hard to overlook a few performances from MT kids this weekend at the Simplot Games in Pocatello.

In the boys 3200 meters, Zach Perrin (a junior at Kalispell Flathead) finished 3rd in the race with a 9:24.22.  Right behind Zach in 4th place was Troy Fraley (a junior at Kalispell Glacier) in 9:25.56.  Early February and two kids already in the 9:20's for 3200 meters could bode well for some super fast outdoor racing.

Not to be outdone, Paige Gilchrist (junior at Missoula Hellgate) had a 4th place finish of her own in a stellar 11:05.36.  Oh so close to that sub-11:00 barrier.

As I mentioned, next week is the Snow Joke - probably the first of the big, improrant races of the year.  Then, just a couple of weeks until the wild St. Patricks Day weekend - the true (albeit unofficial) start of the racing season.  Ahhh, I can smell the spring in the air.

See you on the roads, tracks and trails

The Muddy Buzzard

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

M4 50+ Update & Correction

Okay - so it turns out that I had a major mistake in my M4 (Montan Men's Master's Mile) results from this past Friday.

Initially, I called out that Dean Lipp was the first every 50+ sub-5:00 runner in the event.  Well, it turns out that I had an incorrect age for Shawn Marshall-Pryde.  Turns out that he's actually 50.  And, his 7th place, 4:43.52 makes him the first ever 50+ runner.  Sorry for the original mistake.  Corrected results are shown below.

Congrats to both Shawn and Dean - two - count 'em two 50+ runners at sub-5:00 in the same race. 

8th Annual Montana Men's Master Mile

Auto-Time - No Altitude Adjustment

1) Jesse Zentz, Helena, 35 - 4:29.62. Meet Record. 1st Sub-4:30!!
2) Scott Creel, Bozeman, 49 - 4:41.20
3) Peter Dan Sullivan, Helena, 47 - 4:41.98
4) Pat Judge, Helena, 41 - 4:41.99
5) Rob Walker, Bozeman, 43 - 4:44.33
6) Kyle Strode, Helena, 47 - 4:48.27
7) Shawn Marshall-Pryde, Bozeman, 50 - 4:53.52
8) Steve Bruner, Bozeman, 41 - 4:55.42
9) Ray Hunt, Deer Lodge, 46 - 4:44.46
10) Chris Colber, Helena, 40 - 4:57.26
11) Clint May, Bozeman, 41 - 4:57.47
12) Dean Lipp, Missoula, 50 - 4:58.77 1st Sub-5:00 by an over 50 runner!!
13) Steve Gideon, Darby, 48 - 5:02.99
14) Jeff Braun, Butte, 47 - 5:13.88
15) Mark Slater, Bozeman, 50 - 5:19.84
16) Jim Walker, MSU Alum, 56 - 5:22.75 "Winner" of the DFL Wine Cooler Award

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Big Boys Run Big Miles

A couple of big miles today for Montana boys - both at the UW Husky invite on the big indoor oval at the University of Washington.

In the open mile, John Ricardi ran 4:10.77.  John's a native of Gardiner and ran at Idaho State.  This run came after a nice 14:46.16 at 5K last night.

But, the fireworks really belonged to Lyle Weese.  A Dillon native, MSU Alum and current assistant coach for the Bobcats, Lyle came oh so close to being Montana's third sub-4:00 miler.  Running in the invitational mile - with several olympic and world championship caliber athletes, Lyle popped a 4:01.61 for 10th place overall.  Lyle seems to be approaching his best fitness ever.  Impressive effort.  Congrats Lyle.

More Indoor Results

Lyle Weese continues a fine indoor campaign.  At last week's Mountain States Games in Pocatello, he pulled off a nifty double, winning the mile in 4:13.93 and the 5,000 in 14:18.27.

He's slated to run the mile at the Husky Invite in Seattle this afternoon.

Speaking of the Husky Invite, Lois Ricardi Keller ran another PR (she set a new mile PR a few weeks ago) - this time at 5,000 meters with a quick 16:27.00.

Brother John Ricardi was also in the Husky 5,000, running 14:46.14.

A third Montanan was in the Husky 5,000 - Dan Jackson, Bozeman native and MSU missed out on his goal of an NCAA auto qualifier.  But, he still ran plenty quick with a finish time of 14:07.58.

Billings native and Notre Dame sophomore Alexa Aragon has had a couple of quick miles.  She ran 4:46.32 on 1/21 at the Notre Dame Invite and dropped that to 4:43.88 at the Meyo Invitational last weekend.

The Muddy Buzzard

Straight From The Stallions Mouth

Here's a brief recount from Jesse Zentz (pilfered from his Facebook post) about his win at last night's Montana Men's Master's Mile:

The Montana Men's Master Mile at Montana State was the most fun I've had on a track in quite some time. I was hoping for a 4:30 and checked in at 4:29.62, but couldn't have done it without an awesome training group in Helena. And they all ran great, too. Check out the complete results here:
It was my first race on the 200-meter boards in Bozeman since 2000. of my best college memories took place on that track, so it was good to be back and I was even able to reconnect with some old friends.
The race went out at a solid pace, thanks in large part to Helena neighbor Peter Dan Sullivan and Bozeman's Scott Creel. I took the initiative and went to the lead after a little jostling, and we hit 400 meters at 1:07 -- right on plan. I stayed out front on lap two, and sensed Scott was set to make a move, which he did, right after we clocked 2:15 for 800 -- again right on plan.
Scott went to the lead heading into the fifth lap and I tried to make a move around him, but he wasn't going to let me past him easily, so I settled in and made my move around him shortly before the seventh lap.
I hit 1,200 at 2:25, which meant we slowed to a 1:10 third 400, putting me in precarious position if I hoped to break his race record and and achieve my goal of 4:30.
I dug deep and and found an extra gear to close with a 1:04 final lap. I didn't know I had it in me, but you never find out if you don't try, right?. Needless to say, I was exhausted, but it was well worth it, and now I get to treat my wife to a nice steak dinner next time we're in Bozeman with my winnings.
Now, the pressure's on for next year.

So, by my calculations - that gave Jesse splits of 67, 68, 70, 64+ for his 4:29.62.

Friday, February 10, 2012

M4 Results

Courtesy of Jeff Thomas again - he called me up as they were taping the results to the wall at the Field House.

8th Annual Montana Men's Master Mile

Auto-Time - No Altitude Adjustment

1)  Jesse Zentz, Helena, 35 - 4:29.62.  Meet Record.  1st Sub-4:30!!
2)  Scott Creel, Bozeman, 49 - 4:41.20
3)  Peter Dan Sullivan, Helena, 47 - 4:41.98
4)  Pat Judge, Helena, 41 - 4:41.99
5)  Rob Walker, Bozeman, 43 - 4:44.33
6)  Kyle Strode, Helena, 47 - 4:48.27
7)  Shawn Marshall-Pryde, Bozeman, 48 - 4:53.52
8)  Steve Bruner, Bozeman, 41 - 4:55.42
9)  Ray Hunt, Deer Lodge, 46 - 4:44.46
10) Chris Colber, Helena, 40 - 4:57.26
11) Clint May, Bozeman, ?? - 4:57.47
12) Dean Lipp, Missoula, 50 - 4:58.77  1st Sub-5:00 by an over 50 runner!!
13) Steve Gideon, Darby, ?? - 5:02.99
14) Jeff Braun, Butte, 47 - 5:13.88
15) Mark Slater, Bozeman, 50 - 5:19.84
16) Jim Walker, MSU Alum, ?? - 5:22.75  "Winner" of the DFL Wine Cooler Award

Great race.  New meet record.  1st time under 4:30.  1st over 50 runner under 5:00.  Most runners under 5:00 (12) in a single race.

Great job one and all.  Congrats to all.

The Muddy Buzzard

M4 - Live & At The Speed Of Light

Here I sit with a beer (a Deschutes Brewery Red Chair NWPA as a matter of fact), waiting for a call from Jeff Thomas.  He's going to give me the play by play of the Montana Men's Master's Mile (M4).  And, I'll get it posted here as quickly as I can.

So, there's the call from Jeff; and, below is the breakdown as relayed to me from Jeff:

Race ready to start right about 7:10 p.m.  And, here's the call:

They're off at the 8th Annual Montana Men's Master's Mile at Brick Breeden Fieldhouse on the campus of Montana State University.

Going to the lead is Peter Dan Sullivan with Scott Creel on the shoulder.  Jesse Zentz takes the lead at about 50 meters.  First lap at 34 seconds.  Shawn Marashall Pride and Pat Judge round out top 5.

68 for 1st 400.  Zentz, PDS and Creel about 10 meters clear of the field.  Judge moves into 4th, then Rob Walker, Shawn Marshall Pride, Chris Colberg and Ray Hunt.

Creel takes the lead at 800, followed by Zentz and PDS.  Judge about 15 meters back. 

Zentz back in the lead at 1200 followed by Creel and PDS.  Judge and  rounding out top 5.  Strode, Hunt.

Bell Lap - Zentz breaking clear - 40 meter lead.  Creel working to hold off PDS.  Judge coming in strong.

Zentz easy win at about 4:30.  Creel, PDS, Judge, Rob Walker, Kyle Strode, Shawn Marshall Pride, Ray Hunt, Chris Colberg, Dean Lipp, Steve Gideon, Jeff Braun, Mark Slater, Jim Walker.

Will get official times and results as soon as possible.  But, that's a quick first look at the 8th Anuual M4.  The first time that we've had a winner by the name that wasn't Creel or Sullivan. 

Zentz appears to have set a new race record.  Will have to confirm. 

In any event, sounds like a great race in the top 3; and, lots of movement in the last 400 in 4th to 8th.  Sorry to have missed it.

Thanks to Jeff  and Lila Thomas for the call.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

It's M4 Time Baby!!!!!

It's unique.  It's super-competitive.  It's a lung-burning, gut-busting batch of fun being held over 8 laps of the Montana State University track.  It's in its 8th year and it's happening this Firday night.  So..............what is it?????

It's the Montana Men's Master's Mile - aka "The M4".  It's the brainchild of the manic, crazed, loveable John Zombro.  What it's really about is finding the best of the best of Montana's runners who are 35 and older; putting them on the track over the magic distance of one mile; and, see who's February's Fastest Old Man.

Some great names of Montana master's running and racing have taken part:  Hunt, Thomas, Strode, Judge, Kenworthy, Keller, Banovich, Braun, Demetriades, et al..........They've all raced the M4.  They've all felt the pain.  They've all had words with the gorilla on their back.

But, over the first 7 editions this race has belonged to two men - Scott Creel and Peter Dan Sullivan.  Creel is an animal at many distances; but, is perhaps best known for his mastery of the Ridge Run in Bozeman.  PDS is the cheetah amongst the gazelles.  He's built for speed and loves the mid-distance stuff on the track. 

Scott won the first 3 editions, including the meet record of 4:33.7 from year 2 in 2006.  PDS has won the last 4 years.  Between them, they have all 6 of the sub-4:40 times that have been run (each with 3).  All the more impressive considering that Scott is 49 and PDS is 47.  Impressive indeed.

Thanks to the continued support of the Montana State Track & Field program, this year's M4 will take place as part of the Bozeman Running Company Dual Meet Invitational (Friday the 10th).  The race is scheduled to take place right at 7:00 - immediately after the singing of the National Anthem.  Heeding the call will be:

Peter Dan Sullivan - Helena - 47 - 4-time defending champion.  The nicest, happiest miling bad-ass that you'll ever meet.  With 4:38's in 2010 and 2011, PDS is showing no signs of slowing down; and, unless something freakish happens - expect to see him near the front of the race right from the gun.

Scott Creel - Bozeman - 49.  Event record holder.  A racing animal with an unparalelled pain tolerance.  Coming off a great 2011 season, will Scott come back to gain his 4th title?

Jesse Zentz - Helena - 35.  An M4 rookie.  Returning to Montana after several years as a journalist in Boise, Jesse has made his mark on the Montana scene over the last year.  But, given his success as a West High Bear and a UM Grizzly - what else would you have expected.

Pat Judge - Helena - 41.  The heart and soul of the Vigilante Runner's - Pat has had a resurgence in his running since turning 40.  Could this be the year that Pat joins the sub-4:40 club?

Rob Walker - Bozeman - 43.  Will Walker's strong performance at the 2011 MT Cup parlay itself into a fast mile?  Can he break his streak of two straight 4:43's and get close to the magic 4:40 mark?

Kyle Strode - Helena - 47.  Kyle has shown his skills from the Mile to the Marathon.  If Kyle's healthy enough to toe the line, you knnow he's ready to be a factor in the race.

Shaun Marshall-Pryde - Bozeman - 48.  The blonde bombshell moves away from the Biathlon to the one-dimensional, banked board lung busting.

Steve Bruner - Bozeman - 41.  Consistent at times between 4:58 and 5:03, Bruner will be looking to move to the next level and a sub-4:46 (sub-74 pace).

Chris Colberg - Helena - 40.  Another of the Team Vig crew and M4 virgin.  Will his bald pate hold off the flowing locks of SMP???

Jeff Braun - Butte - 47.  Like Pat Judge, Braun has seen some of his best racing since in the last couple of years.  Can he get his first sub-5:00 at M4?

Dean Lipp - Missoula - 50.  In his 2nd M4, can Dean get a sub-5:00 at 50?

Mark Slater - Bozeman - 50.  A guy who doesn't race a lot.  But, once he get's that big frame rolling, he's hard to stop.  And, still competitive at 50.

Steve Gideon - Darby - 50?.  Steve has some wheels at 400 and 800.  Can he transfer his coaching skills from his high school athletes and pull off a sub-5:00?

Clint May - Bozeman - ??.  Clint has really proven himself as a coaching genius with his championships squads from Bozeman High.  But, he's not a regular on the racing, he's perhaps the biggest unkown in the field.

James Walker - Utah - ??.  aka Zombro's Ringer.  Living in Utah now, Jim has solid ties to MSU.  Can he parlay his knowledge of exercise science to a fast time?

Ray Hunt - Deer Lodge - 46.  The ultimate sandbagger.  Known to shoot flames out of his ass in the last 400.  Ray is a racing fool - don't ever count him out when he's on the line.

So, there you go - 2012's M4 Field of Stallions.  Who will come out on top in the year of the 'stache?  I'll get results up here and on as soon as I can.

In the meantime, check out these fun video's from the 2011 event.  and

The Muddy Buzzard.

Monday, February 06, 2012

The Buzzard's Wings Are Clipped

There's no real good way to look at this - so, guess I'll just have to accept the reality of my situation.  Unless something drastic occurs, it looks like my competitive racing days are over.

I obtained a 2nd opinion this past week from a physician at Billings who I know, respect and trust (Dr. Scott Sample - Interventional Cardiologist).  He confirmed that my diagnosis with some form of cardiomyopathy is accurate; and, it's recommended that I consider the implantation of a defibrillator.

My heart funciton (primarily measured by the amount of blood pumped out of the left ventricle - e.g. Ejection Fraction) remains low.  And, in fact, in my last check in November appears to have slipped backwards somewhat.  With that continued functional reduction, together with the medications, it's pretty much like having a governor on my transmission.  It just severely limits my work capacity (in a running sense).

On top of that, my ejection fraction puts me at an increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest.  Turns out that's not a good thing.  To provide a safety net, the doctors are recommending that I have implanted a defibrillator.  Dr. Sample's 2nd opinion supports the original recommendation of Dr. Simone Musco in Missoula.  So, although I have a follow up visit with the group in Missoula  in a few weeks, it appears that this may be the path that I have to go down

Between the meds, the reduced Ejection Fraction, and a defibrillator - it just appears as though I won't be able to undertake the physiological efforts necessary to train or race at my historic levels.  So, looks like I'll just have to accept this reality and say goodbye to my competitive racing days.

Without question, I'll still be around the sport.  I'll still be able to run - and, to a lesser degree still be able to race.  I still enjoy the time on the roads, in the woods, on the trails, and around the track.  Sure, maybe everything is at a much slower pace/effort; but, there's lots worse things in life.

And, the sport has sure been great to me.  I've met great people and made some lifelong friends.  I've visited and run in and around some amazing places.  I've been fortunate enough to have won more than my share of races over the years and have had more than my 15:00 of "fame".

But, I can't lie  - I'm going to miss the competitive side of the sport.  I've loved the racing.  I've loved the hard training.  The feel of coming hard off the corner on the track.  Running hard down a trail.  Charging along in the Montana Cup.  The long 20-milers.  Tempo Runs.  Repeat Miles.  I've probably seen the last of these type of efforts - and, I'm not really pleased about it.

I've tried to live a healthy, active lifestyle and do the right things to make my body an efficient, strong machine.  It's hard to accept that it is now rebelling.  But, what can you do.  No sense being bitter.  Life's too short for that.  So, now it's time to move forward and make the best of a bad situation.  What other choice is there really?  It's time to begin the next part of my journey of life and see where it takes me.

But, until then...............don't worry....................

I'll see you on the roads, tracks and trails

The Muddy Buzzard