Friday, February 10, 2012

M4 - Live & At The Speed Of Light

Here I sit with a beer (a Deschutes Brewery Red Chair NWPA as a matter of fact), waiting for a call from Jeff Thomas.  He's going to give me the play by play of the Montana Men's Master's Mile (M4).  And, I'll get it posted here as quickly as I can.

So, there's the call from Jeff; and, below is the breakdown as relayed to me from Jeff:

Race ready to start right about 7:10 p.m.  And, here's the call:

They're off at the 8th Annual Montana Men's Master's Mile at Brick Breeden Fieldhouse on the campus of Montana State University.

Going to the lead is Peter Dan Sullivan with Scott Creel on the shoulder.  Jesse Zentz takes the lead at about 50 meters.  First lap at 34 seconds.  Shawn Marashall Pride and Pat Judge round out top 5.

68 for 1st 400.  Zentz, PDS and Creel about 10 meters clear of the field.  Judge moves into 4th, then Rob Walker, Shawn Marshall Pride, Chris Colberg and Ray Hunt.

Creel takes the lead at 800, followed by Zentz and PDS.  Judge about 15 meters back. 

Zentz back in the lead at 1200 followed by Creel and PDS.  Judge and  rounding out top 5.  Strode, Hunt.

Bell Lap - Zentz breaking clear - 40 meter lead.  Creel working to hold off PDS.  Judge coming in strong.

Zentz easy win at about 4:30.  Creel, PDS, Judge, Rob Walker, Kyle Strode, Shawn Marshall Pride, Ray Hunt, Chris Colberg, Dean Lipp, Steve Gideon, Jeff Braun, Mark Slater, Jim Walker.

Will get official times and results as soon as possible.  But, that's a quick first look at the 8th Anuual M4.  The first time that we've had a winner by the name that wasn't Creel or Sullivan. 

Zentz appears to have set a new race record.  Will have to confirm. 

In any event, sounds like a great race in the top 3; and, lots of movement in the last 400 in 4th to 8th.  Sorry to have missed it.

Thanks to Jeff  and Lila Thomas for the call.

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