Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weird Wild Weather

Experienced some weird weather as we drove across the state today.  Left Plains (NW Montana) at about 2:30 this afternoon.  Drove through temps of low to mid 30's all the way to Missoula, then up to Lincoln and over Rogers pass.  All the while it was light rain and mist. 

Then, at the bottom of Rogers Pass, things dried up and warmed up.  The snow was gone and the road suddently was bare and dry.  All aided by the gusty chinook winds that had the temps up to the mid 40's. 

Then, we turned onto Hwy 287 and headed north towards Choteau.  About 10 mintues up the road we suddenly crossed the weather front.  The wind quit blowing and the within minutes the temperature dropped to 5 degrees. Utterly bizarre.

Living most all of my life in Montana - that's without a doubt the most abrupt weather change I have ever experienced.  But, at the same time, it's one of the great things about living in Big Sky Country.

Now, here I sit in Choteau (we're here to watch the big wrestling tournament this weekend) with a temp of about zero.  Looks like a frosty run tomorrow morning.

See you on the roads, tracks and trails.

The Muddy Buzzard

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