Saturday, March 24, 2012


That's right - 21 miles for the week.  3 miles a day for all 7 days this week.  And, with last Saturday included - that's 8 days in a row of running.  First "streak" since last October.

That's right - I've bitch slapped the injury goddess and put her in her place.

Actually - that's not at all true.  I've actually tried to be very smart about recovering from the stress fracture in my 5th Metatarsal.  I was cleared to run beginning February 11th.  That week I ran 2 miles.

My following weeks were 5 miles, 8 miles and 12 miles.

I stared with every 3rd day, then to every other day; and, this week..............every day.  So, that got me to 21 miles.  Next week perhaps 25.  Then in a couple of weeks look to get over 30.

The foot seems to be holding up pretty well.  I've held the pace to a reasonable level and so far have maxed out at 3 miles.  All of my running has been on the soft, steady, consitent surface of the treadmill.

In the interim I did lots of time on the ellliptical and stationary bike.  Plus lots of core & strength work, including plenty of dynamic flexibility and general conditioning.

All in all, I'm cautioulsy optimistic.  Probably another week on the 'mill.  Then next week I'll try a couple of times out on the road.

And, need to start dropping the pace of my efforts from 8:30 pace to sub-8:00 and a bit lower.

Looking forward to being back out on the roads and enjoying the northwest outdoors during the spring.

As a resut, I expec to see you out on the roads, tracks and trails

The Muddy Buzzard

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