Friday, February 01, 2013

Runner Of The Year Announcements Coming Soon

The Muddy Buzzard is diligently working on compiling the ROY selections.  But, thought that I would give you a little insight into the selection process.

First off, I look at a number of races from around the state.  These are races that cover all regions of the state and include:

Snow Joke – Seeley Lake
Shamrock Run - Billings
Run 4 The Luck of It – Msla
AOH St. Pat’s Run – Anaconda
Run To The Pub - Bozeman
Ice Breaker – Great Falls
Governor’s Cup - Helena
Wulfman CDT Trail Race – Butte
Roots Festival - Missoula
Whitefish Lake Run – Whitefish
Riverbank Runs - Missoula
MT Cup – Various
Wind Drinkers Stampede (aka Bozeman Classic) – Bozeman
Bozeman Marathon – Bozeman
Don’t Fence Me In Series - Helena

Missoula Marathon – Missoula

With some limited exceptions, to make "the cut" I would expect that a runner would have competed in at least one of these events (and, preferably multiple events).  These traditionally represent the deepest, most competitive events in the state - and, it would seem that you need to participate in these races to truly show how you "stack up". 

Second - I look at the results of head-to-head match-ups.  Unfortunately, the size of the state dilutes this head-to-head competition to some degree; but, you usually have enough places where runners get together to make some reasonable evaluation of how they rate against one another.

Next - consistency of performances and overall performance record.  Were wins and top performances a regular occurrence?  Or, was every up followed by down?  Was there lots of racing at high quality events?  Or, did the wins come at the local PTA fun runs?

Then comes quality of performance - or................time, time, time.  In the end, you still have to be prepared to run fast.

While the first focus comes on races in Montana, consideration is given to top performances at regional, national and international events.

I also give consideration to runners who show the ability to cross between roads and/or trails and/or track.

All that is put into a blender and then the Buzzard does his best to bring it together into a the most objective rating possible.

That being said - the Buzzard is also open to input from all of you out there to give me your thoughts on who deserves to make the list.  Feel free to drop me your thoughts.

Until then.........................see you on the roads, tracks and trails

The Muddy Buzzard

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Sam said...

I nominate Tony Banovich. He's an old, somewhat disabled SOB, but still has some wheels and would likely beat me in a race right now.