Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sad Times in Kenya

The home land of the greatest distance runners in the world has spiraled into a state of chaos over the last couple of weeks. Tribal conflict has run rampant since the disputed re-election of the ruling party leader.

Over 1,000 have been killed since the turmoil began; and, there is not real end in sight. Even though Kofi Annan has arrived in Nairobi to try to mediate between the ruling and opposition parties, violence continues to claim the lives of people throughout the country. Some of the worst conflict has occurred in the Rift Valley area around Eldoret, the home to many of the top athletes. And, in fact, several athletes have been attacked, and some killed.

I've had the pleasure of visiting Africa twice. One to southwest Africa (Namibia) and once to east Africa (Tanzania - which shares a border with Kenya). The people are wonderful. Its such a shame to see such tragedy strike a people who could always find a way to smile even though they have a daily struggle just to survive.

Hopefully a solution will be found soon, the bloodshed will end, and they can move forward again as one of the more progressive of the African countries.

See you on the roads, tracks and trails.


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