Thursday, July 03, 2008

Eugene 08 - Halftime's Over

The 2nd half of the Oly Trials kick off today. After and exciting first 4 days, look for more fireworks as we enter the 4th of July weekend.

Can Bernard Lagat come back to make the team in the 1,500 in addition to the spot he already has on the 5K team? ( I predict yes)

Will Alan Webb overcome the pressure and make the team at 1,500 meters? (Maybe - I give it 50-50 that he either runs brillinatly or that he runs like doggy poo)

Will Allison Felix dominate the women's 200 field? (Probably)

Can Jon Godina make the team in the discus after a long and successful career as one of the world's best Shot Putters? (I sure hope so).

Can Jen Struzinski (spelling??) set herself up by winning big in the women's pole vault and preparing to challenge world record holder Isanbeyava (again spelling?) for the gold in Bejing? (With the way that she has progressed over the last 2 years, it may be realistic)

Will Abdi win the 10,000? (Probably) Who will join him on the team (Meb? Ritz (doubling up with the marathon)? Dan Brown? Jorge?)

Can Lyle Weese make the steeplechase finals? (Yes) But who will win the steeple with Dan Lincoln (AR Holder) out? (No good guess, the field is wide open - Familegetti could definately make it if he's healthy and ready to run like hell)

Will Ellie Rudy of MSU finish in the top 6 in the women's pole vault? (Sure hope so; but, she hasn't vaulted much this year and I'm not sure how sharp she is)

Check for tv listings. The meet is shown everyday (Thursday and Friday on USA, on NBC on the weekend).

See you on the roads, tracks, trails and trials.


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