Saturday, July 12, 2008

Missoula Goes Wild Tomorrow Morning

The weather here in western Montana has taken a decided turn for the cooler. Too bad the race wasn't yesterday. We only got up into the mid 70's. But, it will certainly be better than the triple digit highs of last year.

Temps prediced to be probably high 40's , low 50's at race time (6:00 starter's gun). High's predicted to be mid-'80,s. But, with most all of the finishers probably done by noon, it should be reasonable weather. In fact, for the front runners, it should be really quite pleasant.

Sounds like Keifer Hahn may elect to defend his title (and rumors of racing for a 2:30 time). Sounds like Zach Strong will also be on the line. He's had a pretty solid year; but, not a spectacular time at Gov's Cup. Perhaps he's looking for redemption in the his newly adopted hometown. I'm not predicting a winner; but, would love to see someone pop off a sub 2:37 (sub 6:00 pace). Would certainly give some credibility to the course.

Women's races sound to be wide open at this point.

Brandon Fuller is back to defend his title in the 1/2 marathon. But Casey Jermyn will be in the race. He's running regularly and looks pretty fit. I would give the nod to casey in my predictions.

Good luck to all.

For updates, check out the Missoulain on-line. They've had some pretty good coverage leading up to the race (in the print version).

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