Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Results From the Green Weekend

The Shamrock Run in Billings did get out there results; and, the Gazette even had a nice little write up in the local news section. The story can be found at

I'm not 100% certain; but, if you look closely at the picture attached to the story, I believe that the woman in the white singlet and green shorts is Amber Watson. Amber is a member of the Rocky Mountain XC team and ran in the NAIA national championships this past fall and was 2nd overall on the women's side. The overall women's winner was Sarah Graves in 19:03.

No suprise, Alan King won the mens's race. Running alone and on a blustery day, Alan timed 16:43. Stephen Kosnar turned in a solid masters time of 17:43. Results can be found at

I would expect that full results will ulitmately be put up at

Finally, still no results posted from the AOH race in Anaconda. They should ultimately get posted at If they get posted in the near future, I'll try to hit the highlights of the run.

Not quite so much activity this weekend; and, what there is will be pretty much centered around Missoula. There is the Wheat Montana 5K on Saturday and the Spring Run Off 5K is on Sunday. Both races have race day registration - so, if you are looking to hit the roads for some faster running this weekend - head west young man, head west.

See you on the roads, tracks and trails

The Muddy Buzzard

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