Friday, March 13, 2009

Still Got Some Wheels

Yesterday, went for a run with Tim Brooker. A lot of you know Tim as Anders' dad. And, many of you know him as the happy, friendly and helpful guy who sells you shoes at the Runner's Edge in Missoula.

But, many of you don't know that Tim is a stud runner in his own right.

Last fall, on limited training, Tim ran a 3:28 at the ING New York Marathon - at 58 years old.

Well, he is getting ready to run the Boston Marathon in a few weeks. He has had some solid training; much of it with the Run Wild Missoula Boston Marathon training group. They've had a solid, well planned program and it seems to be working.

Our run yesterday was 12 miles and took us up a pretty solid climb for several miles; much of it on packed snow. Tim ran strong and steady the entire climb. Not a sign of struggle or weakness. Then, coming back, the pace just kept picking up.

Over the last couple of miles, Tim was "smellig home"; and, the pace just kept dropping. Over the last kilometer, we were probably down around 6:30 pace. Pretty solid for the finish of a mid-week 12-miler.

Like I said, pretty studly. I think Tim is ready to roll at Boston and stands a good chance to place pretty highly in his age group.

Keep your eyes out for the results on Patriots day to see how well Tim does in Beantown.

See you on the roads, tracks and trails.

The Muddy Buzzard.

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