Friday, May 01, 2009

The Buzzard Catches Up

So, I've had some serious road time over the last week. Started last Tuesday (the 21st) and drove to Pocatello for a conference (too much beer, too much crappy food, too little sleep). On Friday I drove to Missoula, then got on a plane to Phoenix to visit my son (10 hours of travel). Back on the plane Monday to Missoula, then drive to Butte that night. Up early and drive to Billings for business, then back in the car and drive from Missoula to Plains on Wednesday. I've got a serious case of Trucker's Butt...........................and it ain't pretty.

On the upside - while in the Phoenix area, I was able to get in a race on Saturday. Did the Run For The Cheetah 5K in Tempe (around the Phoenix Zoo area in Papago Park). The travel caught up to me and I was pretty flat. Still, was able to squeeze out an 18:26, good for 1st Masters and 7th overall.

But, that meant that I missed some serious racing back home. With RiverBank, Ice Breaker and Peaks to Prairie, the racing was hot.

But, before we get into the big racing, let's catch up on a few races from the week before.

Saturday April 18th saw a new race in Bonner, the Superfun(d) Run. It was held on some new pathways that are part of the Bonner/Milltown Superfund project. Race results can be found at

The 5K and 10K were both won by masters. The 5K saw Kevin Plumage score a close win over Tyler Johnson and Adam Perment (13 years old????). The times were 18:00, 18:03 and 18:05 respectively. On the women's side, Lisa Hayhurst won in 20:53.

In the 10K Chuck Dumke won in 37:42, finishing about 1/2 mile ahead of Michael LaForest (39:07). Trisha Miller continued her solid year by winning the women's race in 41:47.

Up in Kalispell on the 19th, the Annual Summit Classic took place. The young guns took the reins in the 5K, with Leif Castren of Flathead High winning in 17:37, with a :25 win over Logun Norris. Making a return to racing and winning the master's division was Whitefish XC coach and MSU great Bill Brist (running 19:01). The women's race was won by Shannon Thompson in 22:04.

In the 10K, the old guys prevailed with Scott Gaiser (master) winning by :49 seconds over Ted Burnham (39), 38:10 to 38:59. Niki Dezzani won the women's event in 45:54.

Full results can be found at

More coming up on the big spring weekend of the 25th/26th.

The Muddy Buzzard

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