Thursday, May 21, 2009

What The F&^%$#(K

So, was checking out the Susan Komen Race For The Cure web site to check out the results (race held last weekend on May 16th).

Now I understand that the focus for the this race is to raise money for research into and to raise awareness of Breast Cancer. An unbelievably worthy cause; and, the races around the country have raised millions of dollars towards curing this terrible disease. The founders nationally and at the state level are to be commended for their efforts.

But, this event is billed as a Race. And, for years the event in Helena was a good competitive event. But, look at this text right off the event website:

Due to many factors, the Komen Montana Race for the Cure will not be an officially timed race in 2009. There will be a timing clock at the finish line so that you can mark your own personal time. Awards for the 5K will be determined by race place finish only, not official times.

Talk about a buzz kill. Guess it's no longer the Race for the Cure. Just the casual run or walk around the block for the cure.

Kind of a bizarre way to handle the event. But, there you go. Maybe it's more of the Everyone's a Winner philosophy.

As to the winners - not sure who they were. Nowhere on the site do I see a tab for results.

I'm sure everyone had a good time, lots of money was raised, and progress was made towards eradicating this hideous disease. But, if we aren't going to time the run or be concerned about results & awards - let's be open and honest and not suggest that this is any longer a race event.

A few more cents from the Buzzard's Roost.

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Unknown said...

Hey Tony,

I don't have the result times, but I do have 5 of the top 6 men finishers.

1. 19-yr old from Helena?
2. Dewey Peacock - Bozeman
3. Doug Neil - Bozeman
4. Jed Miller - Bozeman
5. Jake Neil - Bozeman

1st was somewhere around 16:40 and 5th was right around 18:00.

For the women, Dani Salois-Shahan won.

I hope that helps!