Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Days

Had a couple of good runs this week. On Tuesday, I was heading to Butte (en route to Billings on a business meeting). Had thought about running long in Missoula, but due to the rain and lite snow, decided to head further towards Butte before running. Starting short oif time (before it was going to get dark), so decided to do my run around the ponds of the Warm Springs Wildlife Management Area. During the early part of the run, watched a storm blow on the other side of the valley. Then, as the skies cleared, the sun began to set and it was a goreous orange, blue and purple sky framing Mt. Haggin with a fresh dusting of snow. As it turned to dusk, there were thousands of ducks and geese flying around as they came out of the fields and headed towards the river. A nice serene run.

Then, Wednesday night, had the chance to run with Alan King. It was fun to run through the streets of Billings and catch up a bit and hear some more about his race at Houston. Hung out with him, Becca and Haydena, had some left overs for dinner and just kicked back and talked running for a bit.

And, these types of runs are good reminders of why I stick with the sport. The outdoors, the serenity, the unbeatable views of the Big Sky, great people, great experiences. With these types of perks, why wouldn't you want to run?!?!?!?!?!?!?

See you on the roads, tracks and trails.

The Muddy Buzzard


hayrunt said...

I thought I smelled something funny on Tuesday. (O:

hayrunt said...

You made the pond sound so inviting that we decided to drive over there for a fowl viewing walk, and there we counted one duck flying overhead and one frosty magpie sitting in a tree. Thanks for the tip. ;')