Friday, January 01, 2010

Kicking off Oh Ten

Got up this morning and took a quick trip up the road to Thompson Falls. It was time to take part in the annual New Year's Day Run 5K.

It's a fun old school sort of event. The costs of the run are reasonable, the course is reasonably accurate and easy to follow, the results are done quickly, the awards are unique and everyone hangs around by the bonfire post race.

As an added bonus, the race proceeds go the Clark Fork Running Club (which provides scholarships to Sanders County track & XC athletes who are pursuing the sport in college) and there are also some funds raised for the Plains and TF XC High School Teams.

Sort of weird weather this year. Had some snow during the night; but, then the temps rose a bit early this morning and we actually had some sprinkles of rain. Just odd to be racing in January in mid-30's temps and in the misty rain. But, hey, it was good running/racing weather and it will make for a good story - "Remember the year on New Year's Day when we ran in the rain in NW Montana!!!"

Anyhow, here's to hoping that you all had an equally pleasant beginning to your 2010 and that you have a good year on the roads, tracks and trails.

The Muddy Buzzard

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