Wednesday, April 09, 2008

1980 De Ja Vu

So, there is some talk about boycotting Bejing. Reminds me a lot of 1980. We decided to boycott the Moscow games because of Russia's invasion of Afghanistand (in retrospect, maybe Russia had it right way back then).

Of course, our posture of superiority didn't mean a reduction of troops by the Ruskies; and, if we were to boycott Bejing, I really dont' see that they are suddenly going to decide to be all warm and fuzzy about Tibet and other human rights issues.

Go ahead and make the point by not attending the Opening Ceremonies. But don't punish the hard working athletes of the US by cutting their legs out from under them at this point.

Going to the games, building relationships and goodwill through sports will go a lot further than trying to be the big bad bully and taking our ball and going home.

That's my $0.02 for tonight.


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