Friday, April 04, 2008

Spring Still Has A Ways Until It's Sprung

Old man winter seems to be holding on tighter this year than he has in quite a few years. Cold and stormy weather still seems to be hitting every corner of the state pretty much every week. This coming weekend is no exception. The Weather Service shows that pretty much all of the Central and Western part of the state is under some form of winter storm or snow warning and/or watch.

This is really the first big weekend for high school track and field on a state-wide basis. But, the biggest events this weekend are in Missoula. There's the 16th Annual Run For The Trees 5K on Saturday, toghether with the Al Manual track meet at U of M for the collegiate crowd.

I suspect that a few of the high school meets will get canceled (hey, that's part of early season track in the Big Sky); but, the it looks like things should be mild enough in the Missoula area to not seriously affect the road race or the track meet. The bigger threat to the road race was from the influx of the Obama Mamas in town to see Barack during his stop in Missoula Saturday morning. His speech and the race are scheduled to start at the same time. Luckily the race primarily uses the trail system and there shouldn't be any real conflict with traffic trying to get to and from his event.

There's also a race in my "backyard" on Sunday (4/6) to support the Sanders County Cancer Network. The 3K starts at 12:45 and the 10K @ 12:30 at the Sanders County Fairgrounds in Plains. Can register starting at 10:30 a.m. We would love to have you come down and enjoy a run in the lower Clark Fork valley. For more information, check out, the Runner's Edge in Missoula, or Carol Brooker at 406-826-3523.

The only race of note last week was the Arlee Buttercup Run. Overall winners were Jake Trujillo and Jennifer Paisley in the 5-K and Andrew Drobek and Trisha Miller in the 10-K. Results are up and posted at

Have great weekend on the roads, tracks and trails.


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