Saturday, April 19, 2008

Da Trials - Part 3

So, who will dictate the race tomorrow. Obvisously Deena is the class of the filed. Her PR is so far ahead of anyone else that it's almost laughable. And, she's seen and done it all - Oly bronze, AR & sub-2:20 time winning Chicago, high finishes in London and Boston.

Common wisdom would suggest that she can pretty much decide what she wants to do and everyone will just follow along, conceding the win.

But, hey, this is the trials. Someone could decide to push and try to put some pressure on early and see if they can't break it wide open.

Or maybe Deena decides to take it a bit easier and do just enough to win and make the team and let the pace lag a bit. Will this allow a larger group to stay together until late in the race, then all hell breaks loose and it becomes anybody's game.

We're going to find out tomorrow and I can't wait. Personally, I would like to see scenario number 2. It's way more exciting when thing go wild in the last 30 to 45 minutes of racing. In th end, it doesn't really matter as long as I pick the team correctly and get the sampler pack from Fulton.


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