Sunday, April 20, 2008

Boston Today & Tomorrow

So, if you want to see in depth results from today's Trials race, go to this link. You can click on any of the finisher and see all of their splits. Or, go to this link and you can download the finishers with splits in excel or .pdf format.

Again, it was a great race. Deena proved that she is the class of women's marathoning in the US, Blake Russell found redemption after her 4th place finish in 2004 and Magdalena Boulet realized the American dream by making the team 7 1/2 years after becoming a citizen.

But, the fun in Boston doesn't stop yet. Tomorrow is the 112th running of The Boston Marathon. The performance by Kenyan's could have a big impact on the selction of their Olympic team.

Our own Sarah Graves will be in the elite women's filed (Bib F18).

Watch on Versus network beginning at 7:30 a.m. (Mountain Time) or watch free on line on


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