Friday, April 03, 2009

Buttercup Run

Held as a fundraising event for the Friends of Arlee (to help promote funding of the Arlee Public Schools), the annual Buttercup Run was held last Saturday (March 28th). Since it was about the only game in town last weekend, they had a pretty decent total turnout - even if the race times weren't super fast.

Youth ruled the day in the day in the 5K. 15-year old Emily Schall from Frenchtown (I think) pulled out a close win over Jennifer Draughon (40) of Missoula, 20:26 to 20:44. (BTW - Emily and Jennifer placed 4th and 6th overall among all runners.)

On the men's (boy's) side, 13-year old Adam Peterman had a comfortable win while running an 18:33. Pretty respectable time for someone a junior high aged boy.

In the 10K, the kids got a bit of smackdown from the older folks. On the men's side, Ted Burnham (39 - damn - that means that we're not that long till he joins the master's ranks) took the win in 37:40. He had to outrun Missoula Hellgate runner Christopher Everett (15) and his time of 39:03. Also impressive was David Rowell at 52 finishing 3rd overall.

On the women's side, Bridget Moriarty tok the win in 46:38.

All in all, looks like they had about 55 in the 10K and 225 in the 5K. Not a bad turnout.

Full Results can be found at:

The Muddy Buzzard

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