Thursday, April 09, 2009

Saying Good Bye To One Our Own

Had the opportunity to do the Tuesday night track workout with Run Wild Missoula on the UM track the other night. Also present was Steve Simpson. I hadn't seen Steve in quite some time; so, thought that I would take the chance to say hi and catch up.

Turns out I was lucky to run into him as we happened to be in town for just a short time while in process of moving to Auckland, New Zealand. Steve and his partner Ken have chosen to take the road less hectic and "retire" to an easier life in the southern hemisphere.

Steve grew up in Helena and was a member of the MSU Bobcat track and xc squads in the early and mid-'80's. In fact, he is still #10 on the MSU all-time lists for the 10,000 (with a 30:43 from 1986). Over the last 20 years he would show up and run fast on the roads or the xc courses as an open and masters athlete.

In fact, he ran with the first ever Big Sky Distance Project Team at the USATF Club Marathon Relay Chempionships in Denver in 2006.

It will be a shame to see Steve leave the Big Sky country for souther climes; but, the Muddy Buzzard wishes him wll on his new life adventure.

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