Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MMMM Recap

Okay - so, I'm a bit behind in gettting the weekend recapped.  But, didn't get back to Plains until Sunday afternoon, then have had a whirlwind couple of days with work.  So, just now getting some time to catch a breath and start to follow up on the hot racing of the weekend.

Let's start with the 4M, aka MMMM, aka Montana Mens' Master's Mile.  This great event was held on Friday night at MSU as part of the Fleet Feet Invitational Indoor Meet.  Kicking off right after the singing of the National Anthem, the field of 11 (plus the rabbit), broke from the gun at 6:35 p.m.

Intent on getting his 3rd consecutive win, Peter Dan Sullivan of Helena (45) settled into the 34 second laps (200 meters per lap) being paced by rabbit Chris Guy.  By the end of the first lap, PDS and Guy were 10 - 15 minutes clear of a chase pack including Rob Walker (Bozeman), Chad Coley (Bozeman), Kyle (stride for) Strode (Helena) and 4M rookie Dean Lipp (Missoula).

Chris Guy did a great job of pacing, stepping off the track at 800 with a great split of 2:17.  At this point, PDS was on his own and looking to 1) win the race and 2) dip under 4:40.  And he was not disappointed on either count.  Winning with a comfortable 30 meter lead, he finished at 4:38.59, his fastest time ever at MMMM.

With a great close over the last 400 meters, Rob Walker separated himself from the pack and finished a solid 2nd at 4:43.77.  In a close fight for 3rd, Coley outleaned Kyle Strode as they both broke 4:49.  Rounding out the top 5 was Dean Lipp at 4:55.41.

All in all, 8 men broke 5:00, with all under 5:10.  This clearly was the best depth and overall performances ever at MMMM and sets a challenge for next year's field.  Full results of the Zombro Physical Therapy Montana Men's Master's Mile:
1.) Peter Dan Sullivan, Helena, 45, 4:38.59
2.) Rob Walker, Bozeman, 42, 4:43.77
3.) Chad Coley, Bozeman, 36, 4:48.12
4.) Kyle Strode, Helena, 46, 4:48.98
5.) Dean Lipp, Missoula, 49, 4:55.41
6.) Ray Hunt, Deer Lodge, 44, 4:56.90
7.) John Herring, Missoula, 45, 4:57.94
8.) Patrick Judge, Helena, 40, 4:59.91
9.) Steve Bruner, Bozeman, 39, 5:03.29
10.) Jeff Braun, Butte, 45, 5:03.39
11.) Tim Dumas, Bozeman, 41, 5:06.82
12.) Chris Guy, Bozeman, 44, DNF (rabbit 1/2 mile @ 2:17)
13.) Kirk Keller, Bozeman, 51, DNS

Special kudos to John Zombro for his coordination of this event and his sponsorship.  Also special thanks to the MSU track program for continuing to provide this opportunity to Montana Masters.

Coming next..................summaries of the USATF XC Championships in Spokane.

The Muddy Buzzard.

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