Friday, February 12, 2010

Time To Rock & Time To Roll

Sitting in the hotel in Spokane waiting for some of the other Montana folks to show up.  Will go over to the course for a short jog and check out the conditions. 

A bit of lite rain right now.  Temps pretty good (maybe in the low '40's) and no wind.  That's pretty much the same forecast for tomorrow.  So, should be good racing weather.

Course is likely to be a bit sloppy - we'll see in a bit.

Feeling excited and ready to go.  National Championship events are always full of energy and tension.  You can just feel it down at the check-in and registration area.

I suspect that there's also some excitement and tension in Bozeman.  The old guys are only 3 hours out from the Montana Men's Masters Mile.  Looking for some hot times out of Brick Breeden tonight.

Will post some more later after checking out the course.


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