Friday, February 12, 2010

Spokane Update

Went to the course and jogged it with Alan King, Meg Lerch and Anders Brooker. 

Although the same location, it's a much different course than we saw at Club Nat's in 2008.  No snow, decent temps, little wind.

Some soggy spots; but, the course is generally pretty firm and should be reasonably fast, at least through the masters races.  But, it's likely to be a bit sloppy by the time of the open women's race and could be a mess by the open mens event.

But, all in all, it looks like good XC conditions.  Much better than MT Cup this year.  But, not a "track" race by any means.

So far we've seen Brett Winegar (oringally from MT and an MSU grad), Katie McGregor, Molly Huddle, the Navy team, some folks from ZAP fitness.  Everyone looks super fit and super fast.  Makes me feel like a fat, old, slow guy.

Off to dinner shortly, then lay out the race clothes, go to bed and be ready for tomorrow.

The Muddy Buzzard.

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