Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quickie Results

Haven't heard much yet; but, did get an email from Nicole Hunt last night.  Looks like some fast racing at the MMMM last night in Bozeman.

Peter Dan Sullivan ran 4:38 (personal best at MMMM??) for his 3rd consecutive win.

Don't know the placing or times beyond that - but she did say that a total of 8 were under 5:00, including Ray (8th overall I think), Pat Judge, John Herring, Rob Walker, Kyle Strode, Chad Coley and Dean Lipp (who, based on info I got via Anders Brooker, ran around 4:55).

So, sounds like a pretty good run for the boys.

Haven't seen anything on the MSU sites (official and unofficial sites) or the Daily Chronicle.  Will post more when I get info.


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